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Volunteer Information Center

***A limited number of discounted registrations are being offered for volunteers**


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Thursday, April 14 – Sunday, April 17, 2016

While volunteering starts now (email, social media, flyers, hosting an event, etc), there are a variety of ways you can volunteer at the conference.

WHO: The WPC team seeks volunteers with a wide range of experiences. We need help with the usual tasks, ie. registration, marketplace, info booth, room monitors, food and beverage, A/V, etc. We are also looking for folks who have unique talents and skills to share with the community. With the help of volunteers, we have been able to offer services including a morning yoga classes and a meditation/prayer room.

WHAT: Volunteers attend a mandatory orientation upon arrival at the conference, BEFORE they may begin accruing volunteer hours. This 90 min session includes a tour of the facility, a special training on risk mitigation and the assignment to a volunteer team. This year, we plan to offer at least three orientation sessions.

WHEN: Volunteers are needed to help with general logistics starting Tuesday, April, 12, 2015. If you are local to the Philadelphia area, and can spare a few hours with us, please email us at This is also an opportunity for high school/college students to bank some volunteer hours. Please contact us to schedule a block for your group! We <3 AmeriCorps!

WHY: The WPC cannot take place without the help of volunteers. Since its inception, there have been hundreds of students, educators and activist just like you who help make this event happen. Volunteer who serve 10 hours or more are eligible to receive a discounted registration rate.

HOW: See directions below on how to apply and register as a volunteer and/or apply for a scholarship.

  • Click here to fill out a volunteer form (link coming soon)

Submissions are reviewed on a rolling basis for a limited number of discounted registrations. Once approved, you will be emailed a volunteer registration code. Upon confirmation of registration and payment, you will be sent a final instruction email. All volunteers are required to complete an on-site volunteer orientation immediately prior to the conference


Volunteers are eligible for two types of discounted rates. All volunteers must commit to serving at minimum of 10 hours over the life of the conference (Monday-Saturday). Those who commit to serving at least 10 hours will receive a discounted registration of $180. Those who can commit to serving 15 hours or more over the life of the conference are eligible to receive a discounted registration of $100.

Applicants can go back to previous pages in the survey and update existing responses until the survey is finished OR until the survey has been exited. After the survey is finished, you will not be able to re-enter the survey. Again, your survey will not be processed until it is complete AND submitted. Please ensure all contact information is accurate and updated.

**If you are able to volunteer the Tuesday and Wednesday immediately preceding the conference, please advise in your application. Volunteers are needed for various duties and these hours, when scheduled, will be included in your overall conference volunteer hours.

Questions? Please contact, the Volunteer Coordinator at

All volunteers are required to complete an on-site volunteer orientation immediately prior to the conference. This orientation does count to the completion of your volunteer service hours.

Your volunteer duties begin now! Spread the word about WPC through a variety of venues:

Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at