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WPC University

The WPC offers a number of opportunities for continued learning, whether you seek to advance your WPC experience, participate in programs all year round, or seek to bring an educational experience to your community.

Participants at the WPC may obtain either Continuing Education Credits/Clock Hours, or
Academic Credit (High school students, undergraduate and graduate students may earn 1-3 hours of academic credit at either the undergraduate or graduate level).

For details, or to register for CUEs/Clock hours or academic credit, please contact:

Get Your Graduate Certificate in Diversity, Social Justice, and Inclusion:
For details contact

Bring Diversity University to your organization, school or community.
Diversity University is the first of its kind, traveling conference designed to address issues of diversity, white privilege, leadership, bullying and other forms of oppression and privilege. We specifically cater to young adults and educational professionals looking for an engaging, affordable and positive professional/leadership development conference experience, but may be unable to attend a full conference because of the costs of travel, lodging, meals and registration. DU provides a full-day, comprehensive discussion and analysis about diversity, privilege and leadership and we can tailor our core curriculum to meet your needs. If you have the will, but not the time, support, or resources necessary to explore diversity, privilege and leadership in the way that you would like, enlist us today. At Diversity University, EVERYONE graduates to the next level of understanding, respecting and connecting. Diversity University is a partner program offered by Dr. Eddie Moore Jr., Fredrick Gooding, Jr., Esq. Visit