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Accountability & Taking Action

Accountability: Commitment to taking action in an intentional way.

Greetings WPC Participants!

Consistent with WPC mission, vision and goals, we want each of you to think about how you do the work of understanding and dismantling privilege every day, all year long. We have heard about many exciting and challenging projects undertaken by many of you.

At WPC 2013, we launched the Accountability Planning Project.

As we move forward, look for enhanced accountability-focused workshops as we grow ourselves into a “community of action.” Our goal is that every participant will take conference learning beyond the walls and week of the conference and back into their own home environments by way of meaningful action year-round.

We recognize that each conference attendee has an individual level of comfort with and expertise in the area of translating concepts about privilege, inclusion and equity into specific action. Here, we offer a collection of ideas and examples from those who have taken their commitments beyond the conference. We pledge to support you in other ways, too, as we grow our community of action together.

Take This Action: Share Your Work
We want to hear about your struggles and your success stories. Please share your work with the WPC community, by answering the brief questions below, so that we may all inspire and learn from each other.

In addition, consider these options:

  1. Develop a submission for the WPC Journal based on your project. See guidelines at:
  2. Participate in a discussion of your project on the WPC radio show, Intersections, Contact for details.

To submit your work, please send an email to, with the following information:

  • Subject Line: Taking Action

  • Contact Name(s)

  • Contact Email Addresses(s)

  • Brief bio (include one to three sentences telling readers about who you/what you do)

  • Project categories and tags - Please select up to three category tags from the list below to help website visitors identify projects most relevant to them:
    • k-12
    • higher education
    • faith community
    • non-profit
    • for profit/private sector
    • government
    • family/friends
    • community action
    • personal action
    • youth action
    • social work
    • critical conversations
    • single public event
    • public presentation series
    • ongoing organizational initiative
    • ongoing community project
    • other: create your own category which may be added to the larger list

  • Project Description (Please keep description as short as possible (under 500 characters) while still providing essential details so that readers understand what you have been working on and why. Keep in mind that readers will contact you for further information should they desire it.)

Read About Action Reported:


Higher Education
Community Action
Youth Action
Critical Conversations
Single Public Event