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The WPC is firmly committed to providing a conference experience and environment that is accessible, welcoming, inviting, and user-friendly for all attendees. Many steps to ensure this are built into the program and physical design of the conference. We will also strive to meet individualized access requests to ensure full participation.

Programmatic Access for Keynotes, Workshops, Caucuses, and Film Sessions
(All listed services/media are provided for all plenary sessions)

Please contact or or 303-369-1581 to request the following, or to discuss other access requests:

  • Sign language interpreter and language preference
  • Site tour with orientation and mobility specialist
  • Accessible media in the following format
    • E-text (email conference program)
    • Large Print (a limited number of programs will be available)

Interpreters will be available during registration/check-in on both Thursday and Friday mornings: 7:30am-8:30am.

CART service will be provided during Keynote sessions only, “unless otherwise requested”.

If you have specific questions about any facet of registering for the conference, please contact Marqita Jones at

We continue to work on improving WPC accessibility, and welcome input and ideas.

We look forward to welcoming EVERYONE to the conference!