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White Privilege 101 DVD

WP101: Getting in on the Conversation
Cost: $99.00 – includes teaching & facilitator guide.


You will need the free quicktime plug-in in order to view this file.

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An educational tool designed for use in the classroom, workplace, church or with family members as a way to begin talking about privilege.


We applaud your courage and leadership. Thank you for being willing to talk about White Privilege and for getting your classroom and/or organization in on the conversation. This video deals with White Privilege and other forms of institutional and systemic oppression in a direct and positive way. The video allows for viewers to engage in a productive conversation about how these complex issues saturate our society. White Privilege 101 is a collection of keynote speeches and interviews of presenters and participants from the Annual Conference on White Privilege. This video will help you identify and understand White Privilege and oppression in three phases:

  • Privilege: Getting in on the Conversation
  • Defining White Privilege
  • Reflections on How White Privilege Exists in Our Society
  • Examples of White Privilege
  • Dealing with Guilt
  • Plan of Action for the Future

Facilitator’s Guide
The facilitator’s guide will provide background information on white privilege, classroom activities and a comprehensive resource list. The facilitator’s guide is designed to provide facilitators with critical information issues of white privilege and white supremacy. The guide will enable facilitators to challenge, inform and work effectively with students/participants on understanding how privilege affects their everyday lives.


Eddie Moore, Jr. created the White Privilege Conference (WPC) to educate people about a concept that is all but invisible to most whites. The conference features national and international experts who speak on all aspects of privilege. Eddie was interested in creating a video to help people have a conversation about white privilege in a variety of venues: high schools, colleges, non-profits and corporate, etc. He assembled a team of people to film/edit the video and create a facilitator’s guide. Eddie Moore, Jr. is the man with the vision. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Iowa in Education: Social Foundations.


Valerie Garr is a former journalist who is Director of Diversity Relations & Outreach in the Office of Admissions at The University of Iowa. She has been doing diversity programming and training for over 10 years with university faculty, staff, students, secondary schools, businesses and community leaders. Her journalistic background made her a great interviewer.


Adam Burke is a producer and instructor at Public Access TV in Iowa City. His expertise in the technical, practical and aesthetic aspects of filming and editing were essential to the production of the video every step of the way.


Annie Tucker is an Iowa City mediator and trainer who produced a short video on white privilege as part of her Masters degree in Conflict Resolution from Antioch in 2001.


Nancy Wright is a PhD student and instructor at the University of Iowa in the Educational Policy and Leadership Studies Program. Nancy co-created the Facilitator’s Guide.


White Privilege 101 is a fantastic teaching tool! The video, along with the workbook, is easily one of the very best resources available on this topic. They provide a clear, honest, and workable way to start to engage people in a direct discussion of white privilege and what to do about it. You can't watch the video and say "I don't get it" because the examples are so good, varied, and come from a such variety of folks. I can't wait to use this with a class. – Christine Sleeter, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor, California State University Monterey


An excellent, practical and much needed resource! White Privilege 101’s diverse voices and perspectives are very effective in helping white people cut through denial and guilt to look at the core issues of race and privilege. This is a powerful and insightful video that invites white people to seriously consider the consequences of their beliefs and actions. The White privilege 101 video promotes critical thinking and engagement, insight and response in white people. It needs to be widely seen.Paul Kivel, educator and author Uprooting Racism: How White People Can Work for Racial Justice,


I thought the video was an excellent and concise summary of the key issues relating to “white privilege” “White Privilege 101” with the accompanying workbook is an excellent catalyst for discussion as well as a teaching aide to structure the dialogue about this often neglected issue of White privilege. It will be a useful tool in educational settings, corporate environments in faith communities, civic and political settings or any environment where people work with people and the issue of race is either recognized or remains the elephant in the middle of the room. It’s an excellent tool for instruction or just awakening people to the issues involved.Na’im Akbar, Scholar and Author -


The recently released DVD, White Privilege 101, is a marvelous introduction to the topic and a resource for all those who work in multicultural education and diversity. Featuring participants at the only white privilege conference in the country, viewers see young people, as well as established practitioners, and educators sharing the conversation that brings us together to fight oppression. I will use it in the classroom, as well as at diversity workshops in organizations. It teaches, it motivates, it encourages continued action, and it is an invitation to all to come in person to be part of the community. Laurie B. Lippin, Ph.D.,Professor, UC Davis, and Consultant, Lippin & Associates


I believe that there is no more important area of exploration at this time in the United States and even the world than that of white skin privilege. In order have this important discussion we must listen to the voices of people of color and white people concerned with social justice telling their stories, expressing their ideas, describing their worlds. White Privilege 101 DVD and its accompanying booklet are perfect for getting such a discussion going, for making real plans for change and for generating activism in the areas of racial, class and gender equity. I have used many visual aids and videos over the years of my work in inclusiveness and diversity in education and this is by far the best. It accomplishes so much in 42 minutes toward creating awareness on the part of those new to these concepts and a deeper understanding on the part of those already engaged in this work. It is essential for every school, business, university and social agency. Julie Landsman, Educator and Author of A White Teacher Talks About Race and White Teachers/Diverse Classrooms with Chance Lewis